About Us

Gold Delivery Services Ltd is a reliable facilitator that handles the facilitation of gold bars to buyers most parts of the world. We are a leading gold bars facilitator to the world leading refineries and warehouses.

The Gold Delivery Services Ltd is a new and innovative alternative for businesses. It is a revolutionary global business vehicle that connects Gold Bar Buyers and Sellers from small business enterprises to large business

Our Vision

Facilitate buyer and sellers with best options and offers within the time schedule to the entire satisfaction of our customers at the most reasonable rates and maintain strong business fundamentals and ethics.

We are passionate about Your Success.

Our goal is to to find best and most suitabale offers for gold bars buying and selling. We are always ahead of your needs and expectations.Grow with us ... because we want to grow with You !

Our Mission

It is our mission to develop with our customers a worldwide network capable of providing best quality service to our customers at their door.

We have established strong business relationships working closely with gold buyers and sellers in the world market. We  provide ethical business services to our clients, that’s why we establish business relationship with only ethical companies and  clients only.