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At Gold Delivery Services Ltd, we aim to make delivering of gold bars as easy and as transparent as possible. Most gold bar sellers will ask buyers to pay for one service or the other before a delivery can be made. In order to facilitate the process, we ask the buyer if they will prefer our free delivery service or if they prefer to deal with the seller direct in order to pay for the transportation costs.

It is the buyers’ choice. LET US HELP YOU CUT THE COSTS while you get your consignment in highly secured and insured delivery.

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We will work with you to help you formulate an innovative strategic plan that will help you to achieve your business goals and drive performance by taking full advantage of your strengths and opportunities while mitigating risks and threats.


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Gold Delivery Services Ltd is a reliable facilitator that handles the facilitation of gold bars to buyers most parts of the world. We are a leading gold bars facilitator to the world leading refineries and warehouses.

The Gold Delivery Services Ltd  is a new and innovative alternative for businesses. It is a revolutionary global business vehicle that connects Gold Bar Buyers and Sellers from small business enterprises to large business… 

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Why facilitate the process? We are primarily here to help the refinery/warehouse gold bar buyers.We are in this business in order to stop and eradicate the nightmare of upfront payments by serious gold bar buyers.

Buyers of gold bar will not have to ANYTHING upfront.Buyers get the delivery of their consignment on CIF basis as it should be.


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